Taking Advantage of the Expanding Mobile Market


Mobile_Graphic.pngMobile marketing is expanding aggressively, and marketers are challenged with addressing this new media, changing legal landscape and developing content that encourages prospects to “opt-in” to receive this content. Spending on online and mobile marketing continues to grow exponentially. Companies globally are already realizing the tremendous reach and penetrating power of leveraging the mobile device for marketing purposes. Hundreds of millions of Americans—nearly 90 percent of the country—use their mobile devices every day, and a solid majority of them express a desire to receive marketing messages of some sort through their mobile.

Mobile phone saturation is nearly complete in the developed world, and the use of mobile devices is on the rise just about everywhere. For example, redemption rates for mobile initiatives are dwarfing traditional marketing programs. Indeed, the cost per impression of a mobile campaign is often far lower than that of a mainstream media advertising campaign.

  • Mobile Marketing is Cost-Effective – Mobile marketing features some of the lowest cost per touch and cost per impression of any marketing medium. Marketers that provide tactics with these kinds of returns for clients are also reaping financial rewards.
  • Mobile Devices are Versatile – The Apple App Store, which has almost 250,000 applications for the iPhone and iPad, was not even open for business until 2008, a good year after the first iPhone was introduced. Now, applications are the darlings of the marketing and advertising world, and an indispensible aspect of the smartphone experience. The marketing opportunities on the mobile medium grow and change almost daily, and mobile continues to provide new and better ways to get a message out.
  • Value of Mobile Marketing – Mobile marketing is a game-changer. It is the next evolution in communications, one that is redefining how, where and why people connect with one another. Mobile marketing will be a consistent reality for all businesses, everywhere.

The challenge to marketers is to create compelling content that will draw people and get them to opt-in. Leveraging high-value content such as vodcasts extracted from a white paper allows marketers to drive highly effective mobile marketing campaigns. Frost & Sullivan video white papers and vodcasts are delivered in a form compatible with all mobile formats.