Value of Third-Party Validation and Analyst Credibility


Enhancing awareness of your company and promoting the key value propositions and differentiators in your products and services is essential as you look to validate your position in the market to increase sales and market share. In order to validate sales messages, you must have third-party credibility because information generated and disseminated exclusively by your company is, by its very nature, one-sided and therefore suspect.

In independent research, industry analysts were viewed as having the highest credibility, moving up in 2010 with 31 percent from 29 percent in 2006 (SiriusDecisions).


Frost & Sullivan industry analysts bring not only a fresh perspective of industries, markets and buyer behavior, but work closely with your team to enhance the position of your products and/or service through the following:

  • Discuss key challenges and issues in the marketplace
  • Analyze your products and/or service, and how it addresses market challenges and issues
  • Discuss the competitive landscape and how to best position your products and/or services to address current market challenges compared to competitive solutions
  • Receive insight about your company and product positioning based on analysis from interviews conducted with relevant organizations to develop a thorough background and identify market trends and challenges
  • Establish best practices by providing consistent channels of leading-edge information that support thought leadership